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barbossa_fic's Journal

Captain Barbossa Fan Fiction
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This is a community to post Pirates of the Caribbean fan fiction as it relates to Captain Barbossa and his cursed crew. Here are some simple guidelines to help you from getting marooned or run through with Captain Barbossa's cutlass!

1. Fics can be FPS, RPS, Het, Slash or whatever you wish. Anything goes.

2. No flaming. Give us an excuse for us to make you walk the plank and ye shall! ;-)

3. Try to beta your post before posting. Spelling and grammar should be top priorities. Also, please watch your spacing with relation to paragraphs and dialogue. There is nothing worse than fiction that does not follow the basic elements of style and is horribly misspelled. Please make it easy on your readers and we shall thank you for it with much appreciation and praise. :-)

4. Having a plot for your post is a very nice plus.

5. This community is not the place to post POTC info about the movie, the actors , etc. The community was created for writing, and there There are lots of other communities for happy squeeing about the movie, actors etc.

6. Drabbles are welcomed in this community.

7. Be certain to post disclaimers, along with ratings, any pertinent warnings, ratings, summaries etc. when posting your fiction to this community. Example:

In your post, you ABSOLUTELY MUST include:

Author Name:

8. Please put the story behind a lj-cut. If you like you may link it to another site such as fanfiction.net. Let's keep the community looking somwhat ship shape. ;-)

9. Links to other PotC LJ communities, sites, other journals, or fan fiction are allowed....HOWEVER, be sure to post a copy of at least a portion of the actual fic on barbossa_fic. This serves as a lead in or teaser and is a courtesy as well as a way to generate interest in your greater body of work. (mod edited 8.08.07)