Aurora Jones (locketsandkeys) wrote in barbossa_fic,
Aurora Jones

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I have a proposition!!

Aaaaaloha, all!

As far as I can tell, the comm might be under new management, and if there is a chosen one, welcome and thank you :3

Now, I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a prompt swap? I'd be happy to organize one, depending on the outcome. Every person can choose three prompts of their choosing, let it be song lyric, phrase, single words, quotes, whatever. Then maybe a pairing as well, let it be Sparbossa slashy goodness, or Barbossabeth, whatever your preference. I'll post a format to fill out etc, etc. Then, once everything is in, I'll scramble the writers and pair everyone up.

I figure it'd be a fun thing for us Hector-lovers to do. :3

If this is against the rules, or out of line in anyway, I'll take the post down immediately.

What do you think, Barbossa fans?

Any takers?

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