Barbossa's Monkey (barbossamonkey) wrote in barbossa_fic,
Barbossa's Monkey

3 Barbossa Fics

Title: On the Road to Hell
Author: Barbossamonkey
Rating: PG
Progress: Complete
Timeline: Pre-OST
Characters: Barbossa and Blackbeard
Summary: What had happened to Barbossa's leg? This is my take on what had happened.
Author's Note: This had been written a week prior to movie release and is now inaccurate. The revised version is Master of His Own Fate

Title: Master of His Own Fate
Author: Barbossamonkey
Rating: PG
Progress: Complete
Timeline: Pre-OST
Characters: Barbossa
Summary: Revised version of On the Road to Hell. Barbossa is the master of his own fate. He refuses to become another victim to Blackbeard and chooses his own fate!

Title: Bottoms Up
Author: Barbossamonkey
Rating: PG
Progress: Complete
Timeline: Post-OST
Characters: Barbossa and Jack
Summary: Jack asks a favor of Barbossa.

Enjoy these three short ficlets.
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