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Barbossa Fanfiction!

Hi all!

With the release of On Stranger Tides, I was reminded of my dimmed-but-never-extinguished love for Barbossa!

I hope the film has revitalised some interest in this awesome character!

Anyway, it prompted me to look over my long-ago written Barbossa-centric fics and I thought I would promote them here in the hopes that old fans could enjoy them again and new fans could discover them.

I hope you'll give them a chance!

The Briar and the Rose

The series takes place over the thirteen years preceding Curse and follows Barbossa's life both before and after the curse has taken hold, as seen through the eyes of a whore of Tortuga, a young woman named Evie, whom Barbossa visits on regular occasions. The series follows their encounters and relationship as it develops alongside Barbossa's own changes and experiences once the Curse is upon him.

Apart from just being a Barbossa fanfic, it is also an insight into the life of a whore of Tortuga and into her own character and personality.

It is LONG, it is HET, and it's A BIT RUDE.
It's also slightly cliched, fanciful and self-indulgent.

And its sequel:

The Last Rose of Summer

This was prompted by readers of the original fic's asking for a sequel and inspired by At World's End. It continues the story of Evie & Barbossa.
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